‘JUST BRING IT’: Cruz and Yang to Face Off in Charity Basketball Game

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On Wednesday, a video that was posted on Twitter showed Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang “shooting some hoops” ahead of the Democratic debate that was scheduled for the next night. Fox News producer Pat Ward highlighted the video, calling out Yang and Sen. Ted Cruz and urging them to play a game against each other.

Cruz responded to Ward’s tweet, taking a jab at Yang’s standing in the polls.

“Sorry,” wrote Cruz. “You gotta poll at 5% or more to play on my court.”

Yang then issued a reply of his own, saying he “would be delighted to beat you in basketball” and sharing an image that showed him coming in at 5 percent in a poll.

“Bring it,” Cruz wrote back. “4 on 4, you plus three of your paid staffers vs me and three of my paid staffers (no outside ringers).”

“Say, this Friday afternoon in Houston?” Cruz continued. “The loser gives $5k to the (non-political) charity of the winner’s choice? Game?”

Yang responded, writing, “Let’s play one-on-one. Give the fans a show.”

“Hmm. You’re taller than I am. From the video, you’re probably a better shot. And, I’ve seen you dunking (on an 8-foot rim),” said Cruz. “Altogether, pretty strong. So … JUST BRING IT

Yang, according to a report by the Washington Examiner, confirmed that his team has reached out to Cruz and that the presidential candidate is looking forward to the charity game.

Recently, Yang – a 44-year-old tech entrepreneur – has been rising in the polls. He is averaging around the 3 percent mark and is currently in sixth place among the Democratic contenders.

This isn’t the first time Cruz has taken part in a charity basketball game. In 2018, Cruz faced off against late-night host Jimmy Kimmel. Cruz beat Kimmel one-on-one, and the event raised about $80,000 for charity.