Judge Awards Man $8.8 Million as Compensation from Wife’s New Lover

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Often, when a couple breaks up, the only form of financial compensation either receives comes from dividing their assets. However, a unique feature of one state’s legal system gave Keith King the ability to sue his wife’s lover after she engaged in an affair, and ultimately be awarded a substantial sum.

North Carolina is one of few states where spouses have the ability to sue their partner’s lover if there was an affair. And King decided to exercise that right.

King married Danielle in 2010, according to a report by the Daily Mail, but pursued a romantic relationship with Francisco Huizar III in 2015, and the pair soon became lovers.

King ultimately sued Huizar, a San Antonio marketing tour manager. He included complaints of criminal conversation and alienation of affection in the filing, and also accused Huizar of breaking up his marriage.

Joanne Foil, King’s attorney, stated that the affair and an alleged assault by Huizar harmed King financially, including lost revenue by King’s company, BMX Stunt Shows, as well as the loss of an employee, as Danielle worked for the business.

Cheri Patrick, Huizar’s attorney, claimed that King’s marriage was faltering before Danielle met Huizar. She also took aim at King’s character, saying he was controlling and manipulative.

Patrick said that King often reviewed information on Danielle’s phone, kept track of her movements, required her to wear bikinis and stilettos, and preventing her from dying her hair a different color.

Danielle stated that she pursued Huizar and that her marriage had been unhappy from the beginning.

She began meeting with Huizar regularly after meeting in August 2015 at a BMX show, including at a spa during a vacation that was paid for by King.

Foil argued that Huizar’s actions made repairing the marriage impossible, leading to couple to separate in January 2017. Danielle moved into a rented apartment, with Huizar’s name on the lease, that same month.

When King arrived at the apartment and Huizar was there, an altercation broke out, leading the men to exchange punches and Huizar to place King in a chokehold.

Patrick argued that Huizar was trying to defend Danielle.

On Thursday, Superior Court Judge Orlando Hudson awarded King $8.8 million in punitive and compensatory damages, adding that the situation was a “textbook case” or how not to end a marriage in the state.

Huizar, who makes $84,000 a year, intends to appeal the verdict.