John McCain Asked for Help Getting to 3 Million Followers on Twitter. Now People are Unfollowing by the Thousands

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On Monday afternoon, Senator John McCain posted a message on Twitter announcing he was just 74 followers shy of the 3 million mark and asked his followers to spread the word to help him reach “this big milestone.” However, the effort backfired, leading thousands of Twitter users to abandon him in droves.

The tweet posted by McCain read, “We’re only 74 Twitter followers away from 3M – spread the word & help us reach this big milestone!”

Instead of drawing people in, the post seemed to encourage those who do follow the senator to express their opinions on some of his latest actions, including signing off on the Senate tax bill that narrowly passed at 2:00 am on Saturday afternoon.

One user stated, “@SenJohnMcCain I wish you the best of health, but I’m unfollowing based on your decision to vote for #GOPTaxScam which was NOT done in the regular order of business as per your reasoning for no on healthcare. #UnfollowMcCain.”

Many Twitter users also noted their amusement of the rapid decline in McCain’s followers, sending out messages affirming that “the internet is funny” in how it reacts to certain requests.

Some of the losses may be mitigated by others who were enticed to join him. Though, as reported by Gizmodo, some users are stating McCain is getting some new followers that appear to be bots.

It wouldn’t be the first time bots showed a politician some love, as some reports suggest that a significant portion of President Donald Trump’s followers may also be bots.

Additionally, not everyone who follows a person on social media is a fan or supporter.

As of this writing, McCain now has 2,978,216 followers associated with his account, showing the level of the decline since he posted the message.