John Cena Puts Cocky Guy in His Place for Disrespecting Female Marine Veteran [VIDEO]

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John Cena has long been known for his support of the nation’s military men and women, so when he saw a cocky personal trainer disrespecting a veteran Marine Gunnery Sergeant he took matters into his own hands. [Scroll Down For Video]

On his new TV show, American Grit, Cena plays host to teams of competitors who are coached and led by a American veterans through various physical challenges.

When contestant Chris was disrespectful of his coach Gunnery Sergeant “Tee” Hanible, Cena had seen enough.

Cena took Chris aside and gave him the following speech:

“Your mentor is a gunnery sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. When you turned 10-years-old, she was in boot camp kicking ass – with men.

When you were getting your driver’s license, she was in Iraq in combat. And she was responsible for not only her own life, but the safety of more than one thousand marines.

You sleep under a blanket of freedom that she has provided for you. I think you owe Tee an apology.”

Ironically enough, Chris’s cocky attitude ended up costing him the competition. While performing a contest to see who could hold up a sandbag the longest, instead of focusing on the task at hand, Chris continued to trash talk, which ultimately resulted in him losing the challenge.