Jiu Jitsu Instructor Shows How to Defeat United Airlines Employees in Amazing Video

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After footage of a man being dragged off an overbooked United Airlines flight had made headlines across the country, a jiu jitsu instructor decided to seize the opportunity to demonstrate some self-defense techniques for future passengers finding themselves in a similar situation. While the video is considered a humor-oriented commentary, the techniques shown are real.


[Scroll down for video]

As reported by For the Win, The video, posted by Gracie Breakdown and representing a martial arts school, provided numerous (joking) examples of methods designed to help a person free themselves from the grasp of another when being dragged by the arms.



One of the examples provided by the jiu jitsu school even has the displaced passenger changing their mind and deciding to give their seat to the United employee.



The issue began when United Airlines needed passengers to relinquish their seats to four United Airlines employees. When no one accepted the airline’s offer of $800 to voluntarily give up their seat, the airline invoked the “involuntary denial of boarding process,” selecting passengers at random to be removed from the plane.

Three other individuals who lost their seats involuntarily left the plane without incident. However, one passenger wasn’t as inclined to cooperate. United later apologized for the incident, with CEO Oscar Munoz releasing a statement saying, “I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers.”

The video also contains footage of the actual incident on the United Airlines flight, including the passenger being dragged down the aisle after the altercation.