Jimmy Fallon Reveals Why He Hasn’t Jumped on Late-Night, Anti-Trump Bandwagon [VIDEO]

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It seems as if everyone in the late-night entertainment industry has used their platform to dismantle and belittle the Trump administration. Trevor Noah and Jimmy Kimmel have both been vocal in their opposition to Trump. Seth Myers told his viewers just last week “it’s me or Trump.” But late-night host Jimmy Fallon has a different approach.

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Fallon has decided not to participate in the anti-Trump crusade. NBC’s Fallon said: “With Trump, it’s just like every day’s a new thing. He gives a lot of material. A lot of stuff is hard to even make a joke about,” Fallon said in a preview of an NBC “Today” show interview to air Sunday. “It’s just too serious.”

Fallon decision not to speak much on Trump may not be by accident. According to Fox News, late-night hosts who critique Trump’s rhetoric on a nightly basis have seen dropped ratings.

Television rating experts suggest the low ratings are due to viewers getting tired of all the political ideology.

On the “Today Show” Fallon acknowledged “it’s just not what I do.”

“I think it would be weird for me to start doing it now. I don’t really even care that much about politics,” he added.

Trump has criticized the late-night hosts who criticize him and his presidency. “Late-night host are dealing with the Democrats for their very ‘unfunny’ & repetitive material. Always anti-Trump! Should be getting equal time,” he tweeted in October.

Fallon hasn’t ruled out participating in the anti-Trump rhetoric if it comes organically. “I think the other guys are doing it very well. Colbert’s doing great. I mean, that’s what he’s good at. … I think when it’s organic I’ll dip into it.”

With so many attacking the president on a nightly basis, it seems Fallon wants to set himself apart from the pack and do his own thing — even if that means going against the anti-Trump flow.