Jeff Sessions Announces New Immigration Enforcement. Millions Could be Charged With Felonies [VIDEO]

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It’s no secret that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is in line with Trump’s rhetoric regarding stricter border control. Sessions outlined a new border enforcement plan after his tour of the border in Arizona. The plan seems to further cement his and the president’s stance on immigration.


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To start, anyone who enters the country illegally more than once will now face felony charges. He also plans to increase the number of immigration judges this year by up to 50 and 75 the following year.

Sessions stated the reason why the increase of immigration judges would be so we can handle the ever-growing 540,000 backlog cases regarding illegals that need to be dealt with in a timely manner.


Even with these plans implemented, Sessions is still a strong advocate for building the wall. “Quite a large percentage of the people that are now coming are re-entering after having been deported after having been convicted of a crime. So I think there’s no doubt that the barrier, the wall, will have a great and positive impact.”


Some of those living near the border have issues with his plan as they do not wish to see areas near their homes militarized.


The Attorney General was quick to point out that since Trump has taken office, illegal border crossings are at a 17 year low.


Sessions seem genuine and adamant about taking on those who come here illegally. He also plans to punish those who are profiting from bringing illegal aliens into the country or those harboring them.


It’s currently unclear how he plans to do that, but he made a point he plans to address the issue in a “serious manner.”

A Senator who took issue with his plan asked, “Why are we doing this?” Sessions replied “Because it is what the duly enacted laws of the United States require.” There is no timetable when all these changes will go into effect, but it sounds like it could be sooner rather than later.