Jeep Driver Rams Badly Parked BMW Into Place [VIDEO]

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One of the only things more frustrating on the road than a bad driver is a poorly parked car, especially one that is taking up more than one parking space. Generally BMW drivers don’t have the best reputation for courtesy on the road so on this occasion, one very angry Jeep driver decided to give a parking lesson for free.

jeep 1

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A common approach two parking by owners of expensive cars is to double-park them, taking up to spaces in the mistaken belief that this technique will avoid their doors and panels getting scratched and dented. It’s not always a successful a manoeuvre as a video that has recently emerged shows. In fact, in hindsight the driver of the BMW 5 Series in this clip probably would’ve just preferred some nicks and scratches compared to what his automobile received.

jeep 4

The video, reportedly taken in an undisclosed location in Gresham, Oregon, shows the 4×4 driving past the BMW that was taking up two separate spaces. This instantly triggered the driver of the Jeep Wrangler, complete with customized bumper, causing him to take matters into his own hands. “Look at this guy,¬†look at his parking man, record, I’m about to do something,” the driver said and without even considering the consequences, the Jeep nudges into the side of the luxury car in a futile effort to relocate it.

jeep 3

The Jeep driver, who goes unseen for the entire duration of the video, wasn’t able to completely reposition the empty 5 Series into one parking space simply by pushing it, but that didn’t stop him trying. Far from it. The Jeep still tried to correct the issue in a relatively short amount of time before he could be caught.

jeep 2

Damaging someone else’s property simply because they can’t park is almost impossible to justify, but it would definitely make the world a more pleasant place if drivers would just park like civilized beings. The lines are there for a reason, people! Needless to say that on this particular occasion, the Jeep Wrangler came off a lot better than the BMW 5 Series.