Jaw-Dropping Video Shows Brazilian Officers Taking Down Drug Plane In The Most Unorthodox Manner [VIDEO]

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I suppose this is one way to stop a plane filled with drugs from taking off. Brazilian officers received a tip that a plane had been loaded with 500 pounds of cocaine. The staggering amount of cocaine isn’t even the most astounding part. It is how the officers stopped the plane that has everyone talking.


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A dramatic 26-second video that found its way online last week showed Brazilian police speeding in what looks to be a police SUV.

The officers make a daring, if unorthodox, attempt to stop the drug smuggling plane from taking off from a makeshift dirt runway in southern Brazil.


As the officers are speeding towards the plane, you can hear words being exchanged between the officers in the SUV. One man says, “Go, go, go! Let me get around him and I’ll close in on the plane,” according to The Huffington Post, who translated the audio.


Shortly after, gunfire can be heard in the video. It’s unclear if the gunfire was coming from the plane or the officers. But who needs guns when you have a two-ton bulldozer for a vehicle?


In a last ditch attempt to get the aircraft before it takes off, officers can be heard yelling, “Hit it, hit it, hit it!” as they approached the aircraft.


In a bold maneuver straight out of a movie, the officers ram the plane with their vehicle causing the wing to fall off and effectively ending the plane’s drug smuggling career.


According to the video’s description, officers arrested five men and confiscated 230 kilograms of cocaine-base paste from the aircraft.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Brazilian police have used these jaw-dropping methods to stop drug planes. In 2011, a video shows officers using their vehicle as a battering ram to stop a small white plane from taking off.

Smuggling drugs never ends well. Especially when you go up against these bad ass Brazilian officers.