James Mattis Sent a Special Letter to Olympic Women’s Hockey Goalie, “From One Sec. of Defense to Another”

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Keeping track of President Trump’s cabinet has gotten complicated, of late. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, though, has kept his job. Still, some wondered when Wikipedia listed Maddie Rooney, the goalie for the U.S. women’s hockey team as United States Secretary of Defense. After all, Rooney is good at her job.

Rooney was an integral part of the U.S. Olympic that won gold in women’s hockey earlier this year. The U.S. team won in a shootout with the Canadian team, and Rooney was the one stopping shots.

On February 22, her Wikipedia page was edited, and Rooney took the honorary position of “United States Secretary of Defense.”

Though she held her post for only a day (longer than some in Trump’s cabinet), it was long enough for Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis hear about his demotion.

Rather than bemoan his fate, or complain about how he found out about the news, Mattis wrote Rooney a note. The gesture, handwritten on Mattis’s letterhead, was dated February 28.

“Dear Madam Secretary Maddie,”

“I want to add my congratulations to you and your teammates for your magnificent performance in the gold medal game. You proved yourself in a hard-fought competition and I salute you ― one Secretary of Defense to another! We are all very proud of you.”

“Sincerely, Jim Mattis”