Jake Tapper Calls Out Anti-Gun Advocates For Making Fun of Gun Blogger’s Death

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CNN anchor Jake Tapper offered his sympathy over Twitter to the family and friends of Bob Owens, the editor of Bearing Arms, after the news of Owens’ death became public. When certain anti-gun advocates began to make fun of the blogger’s death, Tapper took action and confronted them.


Tapper posted a message expressing his condolences in a Twitter posts on May 9, saying he was “so sorry for your loss” and that it was “horrible news.”

A few hours later, Will Menaker, a podcaster and Twitter user, responded to Tapper’s message, sarcastically stating that Owens’ death was “indeed a terrible loss” while linking to a post where Owens described Trayvon Martin as a “3rd world thug.”


Within one minute, Tapper replied to Menaker, stating, “I didn’t like everything [Owens] said or did but he is now dead and he left behind a wife and children. Go find some humanity.”


This triggered a response from Jacob Tierney, a Canadian actor and screenwriter, who said, “You’re making a lot of fun new white supremacist friends Jake! Great place to plant your flag.”

Responding to the comment made by Tierney, Tapper posted, “I have no idea what you’re talking about. All I’m seeing is a lot of liberals dancing on the grave of a conservative. It’s sickening.”


Leon Chang, an internet artist, joined the discussion by mocking Tapper, stating Tapper “is crying because we’re being mean to his dead racist friend,” which also drew a quick, and short, reply from the CNN anchor.

Tapper responded, “I didn’t know him. I’m just an adult.”


There was a flurry of additional replies to Tapper regarding his condolences to the family and friends of Owens including one that said, “Glad Bob Owens died at the hands of a mad man with a gun.”


Owens was found dead of an apparent gunshot wound to the head on Monday in North Carolina. He was found with a weapon nearby. Speculations that the death may have been a suicide are based on Owens last Facebook post, which stated, “In the end, it turns out that I’m not strong. I’m a coward, and a selfish son of a bitch. I’m sorry.”

At this time, police are still investigating whether Owens’ death was a suicide.

h/t Mediaite