It Looks Like a Normal Car Wreck, but Then You See the Officer Lying on the Ground

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It seems like the media is constantly reporting on violence against police officers and stories that portray officers in a negative light. However, you rarely see stories showing the good that these officers do. Fortunately, this is one of those stories.


Sergeant Kay Denton, a police officer in Georgia, recently shared a photo on Facebook that has since gone viral. The photo shows the scene of an accident and an officer lying on the ground beside the wreckage.

Without explanation, you might drive by this scene, or take a look at this photo and not think too much about it. However, there’s much more to the story. This is an enhanced version of the photo:

Denton posted the image to social media along with the following message:

With all the “anti-police” propaganda that is seen in the media, all of the “bad cop” stories, and stories of “racial” issues, I wanted to share THIS. This is a photo of a wreck scene today on I-85, if you look closely you can see a police officer lying on the ground to the left side of the car. This officer was not hurt or injured in any way.

This officer was comforting a child who was injured in the accident. This child was an eight year old black male who was scared to death and had some internal injuries. This officer laid on the ground with this child, cradling his head in his hand and talking to him to keep him calm. When we found out that today is the child’s birthday, this officer sang Happy Birthday to him! At one point the child reached over and patted the officer on the head and then played with the officer’s hair!

THIS is why I’m a police officer, to help people, to be there for them no matter what the circumstances and no matter what skin color! I pray that this beautiful little boy is okay and I thank God that I work with some amazing officers who are so compassionate and caring! Thank you for making me proud to be your supervisor!

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The officer has been identified as Cpl. Christopher Holly. According to local media reports:

Holly has been with the Commerce Police Department since 2013. Channel 2 Action News has learned that he has been a sworn officer for 10 years.

He is one of the department’s supervisors for the traffic team and a K-9 handler.

“Cpl. Holly has been an exceptional officer during his time with our department,” Tracy Williams of the city of Commerce said.

The post has since been shared over two-thousand times on Facebook and has made it into several national news outlets. The medical condition of the child is currently unknown.

Here is the full Facebook embed of the post: