‘It isn’t our fault. It isn’t fair’. Farmer Discusses the Collapse of American Farming. [VIDEO]

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Recently, the farming industry has fallen on hard times. In 2016, the farming industry was booming but new tariffs implemented against the United States, and severe flooding has shaken the industry to its core. Mark Berg, one of the farmers in question, posted a video to Facebook to show others just how bad it has gotten.

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The 26-year-old Minnesota dairy farmer explained in a heartfelt video how the farming community is in dire straits with many farmers having to take loans just to survive another day. Berg went to explain that he and his father had just had a big argument before he recorded the video.

“Literally just got done arguing with my dad. Just arguing, screaming back and forth. And it never used to be that way, you know, it never did,” Berg said. “And it’s not our fault. It isn’t our fault. It isn’t fair.”

Berg, who was brushing away tears throughout the video, talked about how his father told him that he had less now than when he started 40 years ago. The price of milk has gotten so low that many dairy farmers have trouble even being able to afford cows, Berg stated in the video.

Berg acknowledged that they aren’t expecting to be making millions of dollars, but all the recent trials have really taken a toll. “We’re not asking to make a million,” he said. “But when you literally work day in day out, all the time, for nothing? We’ve gained nothing.”

He quickly shifts to the sadder topic of farmers who have lost everything. Suicides of farmers who have lost it all have become the norm, according to Berg. He said there have been tons of farmers in his area who have committed suicide after falling on hard times, feeling that they did a disservice to those generations before them.

The Guardian reported that the suicide rate for farmers is more than double that of military veterans. The issue has become so rampant that the University of Minnesota has been holding mental health workshops in the hopes of showing farmers that suicide isn’t the solution, the Daily Mail reported.

Check out the full heartfelt six-minute video below.