“It Got Grandma.” Chimpanzee Nails Elderly Woman in Face With Poop [VIDEO]

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Zoo visitors often assume reasonable risks. Having wild animals in close proximity to humans can, at times, pose certain risks. Some can be funny, so long as you’re not the one left with chimpanzee feces hanging from your nose. The humans around you, though, and the chimp, they’ll be laughing.

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And that’s exactly what you’re about to see. A chimpanzee at the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids, Michigan, . took aim at a crowd of visitors.

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The feces, flung with exceptional aim (or tremendous luck) landed on the face of an elderly woman who was visiting. Not only did it hit her in the face, it stuck. On her nose.

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Jacob Mitchell posted the clip to YouTube. He called it “It Got Grandma.” No word yet on the identity of the woman, who has become a bit of an internet superstar.

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While viral fame may well have been on her bucket list, the fecal facial probably wasn’t how she envisioned capturing her 15 minutes of fame.

The John Ball Zoo has several fecal flingers, including Donnie, Sammy, Sanga, Peggy, Kiambi, Susie and Jody. All of whom are chimpanzees.

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Many animals are known to send things flying. Hippo enclosures often have signs like this:

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Llamas are known to spit. A friendly petting zoo can get aggressive when goats decide to headbutt visitors.

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But the primates are the most likely to target visitors with some hand-flung poo. The bystanders in this video reportedly acknowledged just how accurate the chimpanzee had to be in order to get the feces through the barricades and onto the poor woman.

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Try not to laugh. I’ll tell you now, it isn’t going to be easy to keep a straight face, no matter how bad you feel for this grandma. And the two kids with her may never have laughed this hard.