Israeli Tribute to Victims of the Orlando Massacre Shows Why They’ll Always Be Our Allies

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Israel has long been one of America’s most hotly debated allies. Those who are strong supporters of Israel can be vehement in their dedication. And it seems Israel’s support of America knows no limits, either. Check out this moving tribute to the fallen victims on the Orlando attack.


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Less than 24 hours after The Pulse Nightclub terrorist attack in Orlando, the Israel City Hall in Tel Aviv was lit with images of the American flag. The windows are lit from inside to make the images that follow — making the image a beacon of hope and solidarity in the otherwise dark night.

That’s where it begins — but hardly where it ends.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shared heartfelt condolences to all effected by the attack.


Many of the random shootings in this country have had the effect of terrorism, but this one comes with concrete ties to the Islamic extremist group ISIS. Israel’s geographical position is much closer to the political quagmire that is the Islamic State and is an open target of derision and violence from the terror group.

Given that threat, other countries might hedge on such an overt tribute for America, but not Israel.



Israel never shies away from the fight. And they’re not shy about expressing their values. And they’re even more committed to standing with their allies.

And my favorite part is that Israel’s show of support is made without regard to the ties to the homosexual community. There’s no hesitation to tell the terrorists to go-to-hell, and there’s no hesitation to show support for the victims.


50 people were killed in Orlando, and 53 others were injured when an ISIS affiliated terrorist shot-up the nightclub in downtown Orlando. ISIS has claimed responsibility, and the attack is being treated as an act of terror. It is the most deadly act of terror on US soil since the 9/11 attacks, and the most deadly mass shooting, too.

What the Israeli tribute also captures is that this is also a hate crime.