ISIS Terrorists Dressed as Medics Storm Hospital. Kill Dozens. [VIDEO]

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ISIS has struck again. This time they dressed as doctors in white coats who walked into a military hospital located in Kabul, Afghanistan where they then proceeded to kill 30 doctors, patients, and soldiers and injured at least 50 more.


The four gunman tied to the mass shooting were all killed after an ensuing firefight, according to Gen. Dawlat Waziri, a Defense Ministry spokesman. Men and women in the hospital climbed out the windows and stood on ledges outside hiding from the gunmen.

ISIS immediately claimed responsibility for the deaths via a Twitter account they often use to acknowledge their attacks. Though ISIS claimed responsibility¬†for the attack, it doesn’t necessarily mean they actually did it.


In previous attacks which resulted in mass casualties, the radical terrorist group has claimed responsibility even after it was proven they had no ties to the attack.


A Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, explained on Twitter that they were not responsible for this attack. With the Taliban out as suspects, ISIS’s role in the attack may be more likely.


According to witnesses, an explosion echoed from the top floor. Then the men dressed as doctors stormed the hospital carrying rifles. Special forces soon arrived at the 400-bed hospital, which is located by the US Embassy, and a multi-hour firefight ensued.


Hospital workers gave similar eyewitnesses accounts stating that four men dressed in white doctor coats were doing the shooting.


Initially, the death toll was thought to be low, only three or four deaths, but the subsequent investigation turned up many more dead and wounded.

President Ashraf Ghani, who said he was disgusted by the attack, acknowledged that International Women’s Day might have been a possible reason for the attack. He released a statement¬†stating the attack was “an attack on all Afghan people and all Afghan women.”


Government officials announced earlier this year that they feared that Kabul might have an increase in attacks this year over previous years.

This attack on a hospital – a typical place of refuge from war – is horrible. No matter who is responsible.