Intruders Target Grandmother. She Grabs Her Revolver and Screams ‘Get Ready to Die’

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When one grandmother heard someone trying to break into her home through a bedroom window on Christmas Eve, she decided that she wasn’t going to become just another victim. After dialing 911 to contact the police, Yvonda “Bonnie” Gatens picked up her gun and provided the would-be intruder with a harsh warning.

The incident took place at Gatens home in Putnam County, West Virginia, which she and her late husband built about 40 years ago.

After grabbing her firearm, Gatens quickly drew up the blinds covering the window and confronted the would-be intruder.

“I told him, ‘Get ready to die,’” said Gatens during an interview with WSAZ, “and he fell over to the side.”

She added, “I mean, [the gun] was cocked. I was going to shoot him.”

Putnam County Sheriff’s deputies responded to Gatens’ call but were unable to locate the person who attempted to break into her home.

Speaking about her experience, Gatens said that when she heard a would-be intruder trying to break in, “I couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t believe it. Not up here.”

She also said it was obvious that the house wasn’t empty, saying, “What scares me is did he know I was here because my Christmas lights had been on.”

Gatens stated she is relieved everything turned out alright, even if she lost some of the sense of security she once had while in her home.

She also encouraged her neighbors to watch out for anyone suspicious in the neighborhood and stated, “If he tries it again here, I guarantee he will be caught.”

“If you come in here, it’s going to be you or me,” said Gatens, adding a defiant, “And I’ll see to it that it won’t be me!”