Incredible Video Shows Bystanders Rescuing Texas Family From Flood Waters [VIDEO]

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The storms that moved through Texas this past weekend were intense. There were tornadoes, numerous waves fo thunderstorms, and lots of hail. The rain, as much as a foot in many places, resulted in flash floods that caught residents, like the ones in the video below, unprepared.

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Phillip Ocheltree, 25, of Wills Point, Texas, hydroplaned in his pickup truck. When he left the road, the truck flipped. Ocheltree, his infant son Marshall, and his toddler Addyson were stuck inside as the flood waters covered the truck.

Bystanders rushed in to help. The video below was shot by Tom Mitchell. The video is difficult to watch, as the men trying to get the doors open are fighting gravity (the doors were pinned to the ground) and rising water. Minutes pass as they fight to get inside.

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On man finally gets the infant out. “I need some f**king help!” he yelled as he waded up to the road with the infant, who appeared to be dead.

The kid had “no color at all and the eyes were not focused when I looked down,” Mitchell told¬†WFAA-TV.

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Mitchell, who was unable to help with the water rescue, was able to assist with CPR. “This baby is gonna die if we don’t start CPR fast,” he said. “Having a negative feeling coming over me,” he added. “This baby may not make it, this baby may not make it. No reaction, nothing is happening.”

He put his camera in his pocket, but it was still recording. A woman near by can be heard praying, “Dear Jesus, please let this baby breathe.”

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Addy was also unresponsive. The father was in better shape.

“Life comes at you in a blink of an eye,” said Phillip Ocheltree. “Last night leaving our home trying to get away from what was yet to come we hydroplaned off the highway.”

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“The update as of this moment is Marshal is in excellent condition and is full of life. Addy bug right now is fighter for lack of better words.”

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“She is stable and breathing more and more on her own but it’s all up to her as to when she is ready to wake up see everyone please, please keep my little bug your prayers. I can’t thank you all enough who came into the water and saved my children your a blessing thank you all so much.”

“All scans and tests say it looks promising, we seriously cannot thank all of the friends, people family everyone that has been with us thank you all for your support and prayers the man upstairs is hearing them loud and clear,” added Ocheltree.