If You Don’t Want to Automatically Hear Every Facebook Video, Change This Setting Now [VIDEO]

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If you aren’t paying attention to the fine print of update agreements, it might appear that Facebook is constantly evolving. Fortunately there are those out there who are keeping abreast of the changes. This one is big, and you may not like it.

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[Scroll Down for Video]

Videos on Facebook have traditionally played automatically. If you slowed down as you were scrolling, you would see the video start scrolling. It wasn’t terribly invasive, unless you wanted to hear all of the sound that goes with the video, in which case you could tap on the video and the soundtrack would play.

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So as you scroll over a video, the volume will rise and fall for each video. Regardless of content. Regardless of language.

Those who were slow to tap often had to start videos over. With this in mind, Facebook has opted to begin playing video and audio together as you scroll down. If your volume is up, the sound will play. This may be awkward for some mobile users standing in the checkout line at the grocery store.

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So what should you do if you don’t want the audio blaring?

You can silence your phone. No big deal. Unless you don’t want to silence your phone every time you start scrolling through your feed. After all, you will still have to manually adjust volume to play the videos you do want to hear.

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Consumerist, reporting on the problem, has suggested this fix:

On Apple (iOS) devices, find the setting under Settings > Account Settings > Sounds, then use the toggle to disable “Videos in News Feed Start With Sound.”

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On Android devices, select “App Settings” and then scroll down to “Videos in News Feed Start With Sound” and toggle off.

If you can’t find the option, try updating your phone. It should fix the problem.

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Or maybe you don’t consider it a problem. Man people hated not having the sound playing. I’m inclined to turn it off, mainly because I have kids and I know that some of what is coming through isn’t always safe for all age groups.