If We’re Pulling Down Offensive Statues, Let’s Not Forget These Lenin Statues Across America [VIDEO]

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As protesters in the US continuously set their sights upon tearing down historical statues as if that will somehow resolve all the injustices in the world, there is one statue that no one seems to be talking about — Vladimir Lenin. Sure, Lenin was a Soviet leader, so why do we care? Oh, didn’t I mention there are three Lenin statues in the United States still standing proudly?

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Lenin was a dictator who had no problem spilling his own people’s blood for the sake of his Radiant Future. He killed millions of his own in concentration camps and was quick to execute anyone who opposed him, according to History.

It should be no surprise that the statues of Lenin in Russia are all but none existent. They have been torn down years after his death with many vandalizing the statues until they were eventually destroyed.

However, Lenin continues to stand tall in the US. New York City harbors one of his statues. The 18-foot monster sits proudly upon a building located on East Huston street. The owners of the statue acquired it after they used to live in Moscow, according to the website Boweryboogie.

The second Lenin statue is located in Seattle. Many Seattle natives have already chimed in claiming that Lenin was a symbol of hate with many comparing Lenin to Hitler. The statue has been subject to vandalism more than once. A Facebook page was made in the hopes of destroying what many consider a “monstrosity.”

The SeattleTimes says that the statue is for sale for $250,000, though even they doubt anyone will buy it unless they’re going to destroy it. That would be a hefty price to pay to send a message.

Lastly, Los Angelas, California, is the location where the final statue of Lenin stands, metaphorically that is. A statue of just Lenin’s head is on display in downtown LA outside of the Ace Gallery. Chinese artist brothers Gao Zhen and Gao Qiang placed it there in 2011, according to LA Curbed.

Lenin may have died over 90 years ago, but his destruction towards his own country and people still resonates even now. Many would consider Russians tearing down his statues comparable to what the American people are doing now to the Confederate statues located across the US.

Recently, the Lincoln Memorial was vandalized. Lincoln symbolizes the opposite of the Confederate statues that draw such anger, so why would anyone attempt to destroy it? It should make us question where will we draw the line?