“If somebody has her, just bring her back.” After Making TV Plea, Husband Confesses to Murdering His Entire Family [VIDEO]

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The search is over for a pregnant mother and her two children who were missing since Monday. Their bodies were found on an oil and gas site where the woman’s husband worked. The man confessed to their killing just hours after he’d gone public with a plea for their safe return. He had pretended like they were kidnapped for days.

Shanann Watts, 34, was found at the Andarko oil and gas site, Thursday. Her husband, Christopher worked on the site near Frederick, Colorado. The couple’s daughters, four-year-old Bella and three-year-old Celeste, were found not far away.

Shanann returned from a business trip in the early hours of Monday morning. Christopher had told authorities the last time he saw her was when he left for work that morning at 5:15.

The motive for the murders is still a mystery.

Shanann “and her husband were due in court next week to face a lawsuit from their homeowner association which was suing them for $1,500, it was revealed on Thursday,” The Daily Mail writes.

Christopher was arrested Wednesday night. He’d done several media interviews in the days since his wife’s disappearance, and authorities felt like his story had not remained consistent.

“Authorities are being extraordinarily tight-lipped about their investigation and are refusing to say how they think Shanann died,” DM adds.

“They would not indicate on Thursday when they think the mother was killed or if the children were alive when she returned on Monday from her business trip in Arizona.”

The case was quickly sealed by the Weld County District Attorney.

Shanann’s family has been frusted by the pace of the investigation. “The cops drug their feet. He was the only one with them and backed his truck into the garage.” Shanann’s brother Frankie Rzucek posted on social media.

“Doesn’t take a genius to know who was suspect. My blood is boiling.”

Shanann’s family has since issued a statement.

“The family are deeply saddened over the inhumane murders of their beloved daughter and sister Shanann, her unborn child and her beautiful daughters Bella Marie and Celeste Cathryn. Please allow the family, and those close, to mourn their passing in private.”

Christopher had even gone public asking for information anyone might have about the whereabouts of his family. He appeared on NBC’s Today Show and made his plea.

“I don’t feel like this is even real right now. It’s like a nightmare I can’t wake up from,” he said.

“When I got home yesterday it was like a ghost town. She wasn’t here. The kids weren’t here. I have no idea, like, where they went,” he said.

Later, though, he told Fox that his wife had said she would be going to a friend’s house. “She said she was going to a friend’s house with the kids and that’s the last thing I heard, and that was it. It was very vague,” he said.

“In my heart I believe that she is somewhere and I hope that she is safe.”

“Right now I don’t want to just throw anything out there. I hope that she’s somewhere safe right now and with the kids.”

“But could she have just taken off? I don’t know, but if somebody has her and they’re not safe, I want them back now.”

“If somebody has her, just bring her back.”

“I just need to see everybody. I need to see everybody again.”

“This house is not complete without anybody here.”

“Please bring her back.”

When reporters asked more probing questions, Watts became even more vague. He was asked if he had fought with his wife when she returned from her trip.

“It wasn’t an argument it was an emotional conversation,” he replied. “I’ll leave it at that.”

“I just want them to come back,” he said. “This has got to stop. Someone’s got to come forward.”

Looks like someone did, and it was the suspect most likely to have committed the crime, historically speaking. There will surely be more to this story.