Idiot Pounds Chest, Taunts Bison. Bison Charges. [VIDEO]

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If you take a trip to Yellowstone National Park, there’s a reasonable chance you’ll spot a bison. While most people consider these encounters magical and part of the reason they visited the area, not every sighting is convenient. When a bison blocked a two-way road, one man decided he didn’t want to wait for the massive animal to leave.

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The incident was captured on video by Lindsey Jones. She was driving through Yellowstone National Park with her family, according to a report by the Daily Mail, when she encountered an animal-related traffic jam.

A bison had entered the two-way road, effectively blocking traffic. While a bison can weigh up to 2,000 pounds, one man decided that wasn’t enough of a deterrent to simply wait for the massive creature to vacate the area.

In the video, the man can be seen approaching the bison, taunting the animal in an attempt to drive it away.

Jones began filming the encounter, showing the man slowly walking down the road, getting close to the bison, and beating his chest.

The bison spots the man and positions himself for a charge. But the man doesn’t back off. Instead, he continues to taunt the beast, even grunting at the animal.

Then, the bison begins to charge, at which point, Jones exclaims, “Oh god, I can’t watch anymore!”

Another person in the car shouts, “Get out of there!” as the bison charges toward the man.

In a stroke of luck, the bison quickly loses interest in the man and turns away.

The man, who may have learned a powerful lesson about how to treat wildlife, takes a final look at the bison and then proceeds to walk away slowly.

It’s unclear with park authorities identified the man or cited him for his actions, though officials do recommend maintaining a distance of at least 75 feet from any bison for safety purposes.

Bison have injured two parkgoers during 2018 alone. Kim Hancock, 59, was gored in June in the Lower Geyser Basin area.

In May, another woman was tossed by a bison that she hadn’t seen, resulting in minor injuries.