Ice-T Slams Media and Fans For Making Race the Reason for Beyoncé’s Grammy Loss

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During the 59th Grammys last weekend, artist Beyoncé didn’t win every award she was nominated for. That didn’t sit well with her devout fans or the media. Former artist, Ice-T, who is now a television star, set the record straight as to why Adele won instead, and it wasn’t about race.


“Adele is hard to beat because she is the business and she is good and she makes hit records,” Ice-T told reporters. “Beyoncé or [Adele] could’ve taken any of them.” Adele was the highest selling album of the year by a long margin, Beyonce’s Lemonade album was ranked fourth, according to billboard.


Ice-T added how Adele handled the award,”The fact that Adele was gracious to speak on Beyoncé’ made it fly.” The former hip-hop artist also reminded everyone that there’s plenty of time to earn more awards. “And besides, he says, Beyoncé “will be back next year. She’s still young.”


The media, on the other hand, hammed up the race card as to why the famed singer lost. CNN was one of the main contributors to this improbable idea.

Sure, whenever one race wins over another race somebody’s going to argue racism. But these two are the most popular female artists in the world, and they seem to respect each other. That’s all that really matters. But, for the media to take this position, and add fuel to the fire is just outlandish.


CNN wasn’t the only media platform to pick up this angle on the award for Grammys album of the year. LA Times also wrote an op-ed piece. Shouldn’t the question be asked, why can’t another artist simply win because she sold more albums and was thought to have been better this time around?


Ice-T also commented on Chance the Rapper awards. “I remember when the Grammys didn’t recognize rap, so for them to give him [awards] and televise it,” he said. “I’m glad they’re recognizing new rappers like Chance.”


Perhaps before the media and fans rush to judgment, just because your favorite artist didn’t win doesn’t mean it was because of the color of their skin. Chance the Rapper, who is black, won two awards for best new artist and best rap album. Why aren’t the disgruntled fans and media making that a race issue? Enough said.