‘I will eat ’til I die’’ Says 700lb Man Who Plays Video Games All Day & Makes Father Do Everything for Him

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Casey King, a 707 lbs. man starring on the new season of Family by the Ton, a TLC reality series and spinoff of the popular My 600-lb Life, easily qualifies as morbidly obese. During the show, 34-year-old King shares his story, including his propensity to sit around naked playing video games all day and his reliance on his father.

Family by the Ton, according to a report by the Daily Mail, is a show that “follows families who are in a dire need to lose weight.”

King, during his premiere episode, revealed that he is unemployed and living with Danny, his father, who effectively waits on King hand and foot.

“I will just east till I’m dead,” said King during the show. “A normal day for me is to wake up around 12, figure out something I am going to eat immediately, [then] TV, video games, bed.”

“It’s not a lot of activity,” King admits.

King usually plays video games completely nude, partially because he struggles to find clothes that fit.

“It’s hot in Georgia, and all my clothing is restricting and tight, so I just sit there naked, free as can be and no one bothers me,” said King, adding, “door’s shut, we’re good.”

He also states that the gaming community has become a safe place to retreat from his everyday life.

“I’m accepted in all those virtual reality worlds and the gaming world I’m in,” said King. “No one sees me. That is my outside. That is my world that I can be the Casey I want to be, but not be judged on my weight.”

King also admits that life hasn’t exactly gone as he imagined.

“I never would’ve thought at 34 I’d be living with my father, and I’d have no job, have no real money, and just be playing video games all day and eating,” he stated.

While King asserts that he was always a “big kid,” weighing around 300 lbs. by the end of high school, he put on additional weight after working at a few restaurants and eating at them frequently.

“I was probably around 500lbs then, and it was just getting too difficult to work, so I quit my job,” King recalled. “My mom said to live in this house, you have to have a job, so she kicked me out. The only place I had left to go was my father’s, so I went there.”

King’s weight continued to rise after moving in with his father, who had a tendency to indulge King.

“Basically, his one thing that he knew made me happy was food, so we just ate like kings, but, like, in the worst way — pizzas, chicken, Japanese food, takeout,” he said.

After getting stuck in a shower a few times, including one incident where he was left sitting for around nine hours, his father bought him a metal trough for bathing, which was put on the back deck.

“I bathe outside in this trough, currently, because I cannot physically bathe in a sit-down bathtub or a stand-up shower area,” King explained.

“Because I am a bigger guy with, like, folds and flaps, I have to move around, almost like a pig in a way, and wallow and roll over to get the back of my leg.”

King’s cousins – Amanda Johnson as well as Ed and Amy Long – are also battling their weight and featured on the show.

Johnson, 37, weighs 650 lbs., making her morbidly obese, and, two years ago, was diagnosed with endometrial cancer.