“I Loaded Every Weapon I Could” Father Tells Story of How He Captured 2 Escaped Cop Killers [VIDEO]

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Two prison guards were killed in Georgia this past week launching a nationwide manhunt for the two suspects, escaped convicts, Donnie Rowe, 43, and Ricky Dubose, 24. The manhunt came to a satisfying end after a Tennesse father, who is being cited as a hero, held the fugitives until 45 officers came within three minutes of his 911 call.

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The Tennessee father, Patrick Hale, was alerted by one of his friends that the fugitives were reportedly in the area. After hearing the news, Hale noticed two men 300 yards away from his home who he believed were the hunted convicts.

In a statement Hale made in a press conference, he explained that after seeing the two men, he “loaded every weapon I could in my house to be prepared in the event that they needed to be used. I called 911 and made the decision to either get in our panic room and be trapped or get in our car and head down the road.”

Hale said that Dubose and Rowe tried to wave him down as he was trying to exit his driveway. Hale knew that something was going to happen, but he was prepared.

“My vehicle looks very much like a police cruiser. I realized I had two ex-cons wanted for murder who had just shot at law enforcement who had nothing to lose and for some reason they surrendered and laid down on the concrete in my driveway,” the 35-year-old man stated.

With the escaped convicts lying in the driveway, Hale called the police and informed them that he had apprehended the two men officers were looking for. Within three minutes, 45 officers swarmed Hale’s house. “The wait for law enforcement was agonizing,” he claimed.

Hale held the fugitives at gunpoint until law enforcement arrived on scene. The father of one thinks that the fugitives were tired of running and that’s why they surrendered so easily. Also, they may have thought that Hale’s vehicle was law enforcement.

Both Rowe and Dubose were serving extensive sentences for armed robbery, amongst other felony charges. Rowe has been serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole since 2002. Dubose recently was sentenced to a 20-year term in 2015, according to the Daily Mail.