‘I gouged him in his eyes until I felt his brain’: How Homeowner Took Down Armed Intruder

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This story has a happy ending, at least for those who appreciate the delivery of instant and swift justice. It began when a man armed with a rifle broke into the wrong home. The resident, who calls himself “The Beast,” wasn’t about to be strong-armed. He took down the intruder an what proved to be a very successful way.

Richard Golden, aka “The Beast,” was at home in Jacksonville, Florida Friday when the armed intruder broke through his sliding glass door.

The man had a rifle, and demanded money. “He hit me in the head with a rifle and a buddy of mine just happened to come up at just the right time and distract him,” Golden told reporters.

“And when he distracted him, I made my move and I grabbed him, locked the gun in.”

“Dropped the clip, because I had military training, then there was still one in the chamber,” Golden added.

“It went off. I knew I wasn’t dead, I knew I wasn’t shot. And then military training took over and I gouged him in his eyes.”

The intruder was later identified as Timothy Hinson. He was arrested, but not before he had to deal with the wrath of Golden.

“I sat on him and gouged him in his eyes until the cops got here,” Golden said.

“I took his own gun away from him, beating him with it.”

In the fight, Golden, too, was injured.

“He said he has never seen Hinson in his life and that he doesn’t know why he picked his home to invade,” The Daily Mail adds.

Hinson was taken to a hospital for treatment. When he was released, he was arrested. No word yet on the extent of the charges that will be filed against him.