“I did it to kill people” 11 Year Old Drives Truck Into Home [VIDEO]

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An 11-year-old girl scared a family to their core after she stole her family’s truck and went on a joyride, hitting two cars and smashing through a living room where five kids were sitting. The young girl, who according to her grandmother has autism, told police who were questioning her that she wanted “to kill people.”

The homeowner, Joshua Pate, overheard the young girl being questioned by the police. “(The officer) couldn’t believe what she said. He was like ‘excuse me?’ And she said, ‘I wanted to kill people.’ And he said ‘I’m sorry, what did you say?’ And she said, ‘I wanted to kill people,” Pate said.

Pate said he had just gotten home from work and entered his Louisville home when he heard a powerful boom.

“It sounded like a bomb went off,” he recalled. “Everybody was in shock. Everybody’s still in shock.”

His five children were in the living room when the truck crashed into their home. None of the children were injured in the incident, and Pate attributes that to a couch that seemed to have taken the brunt of the vehicle’s force.

“The loveseat slid around and made kind of like a barrier … the back of it is kind of high and I think the kids just slid with the loveseat,” he said.

Before she ran through the Pate’s living room, the unnamed girl hit two cars. Kristina Bryan’s car was hit so hard that it spun multiple times and is now totaled. “Where was the parents when this little girl even got into the car?” asked Bryan, who has minor scrapes and bruises. “How did this little girl even get access to the keys?”

The grandmother of the girl claimed that the child had been watching a TV show where car keys were stolen and that might have influenced her. According to Fox News, charges on the 11-year-old girl’s joyride are unlikely.

Bryan and the other driver plan to file a lawsuit against the young girl’s family in order to receive money to repair their vehicles. Pate said he just wants an apology.

“All we want is an apology from the family, pretty much,” he said. “We haven’t heard from them and haven’t heard from anybody.”