Husband Shoots Home Invasion Suspect Who Was Holding His Wife at Gunpoint

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On Tuesday night, a woman had just pulled into her driveway when two armed suspects jumped out at her, grabbed her purse, and then tried to force her into her home. Shortly after the incident began, her husband got involved. When he heard a commotion created by the confrontation, he grabbed his firearm and prepared to confront the situation head-on.

The incident took place at a home in southeast Houston. Upon hearing the disturbance created by the suspects as they tried to force his wife to let them in the house, the husband picked up his gun and went to investigate, according to a report by KHOU 11.

Police state that the suspects were attempting to hold the husband’s wife at gunpoint during the confrontation.

According to local authorities, the husband opened fire on the suspects, shooting one of them in the head.

After the suspects and the husband exchange gunfire, the other suspect fled the area.

The suspect who was shot was taken to an area hospital where he underwent surgery and was considered in serious condition.

The second suspect has thus far managed to elude the authorities.

Both the husband and his wife were unharmed during the exchange of gunfire.