Husband and Wife Charged With Animal Cruelty After Disturbing Video Shows Them Dragging Horse Behind Truck [VIDEO]

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A man and a woman were arrested after a self-filmed video showed the pair dragging a horse off their ranch by attaching it to the back of their pick-up truck. The video quickly spread online with thousands of people reacting angrily at the act. The two have been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty.

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John Saldate and his wife Amber Rose Saldate posted the hard-to-watch video Sunday. By Monday, the pair was arrested. Amber can be heard in the video explaining to viewers why they were doing this. Spoiler alert: The reason didn’t warrant the punishment, not even close.

“This a**hole refuses to leave the ranch, so John’s pulling him across because he’s being a douchebag,” Amber can be heard saying in the video. In the clip, the horse, who is named “Trigger,” can be seen getting dragged behind the truck for about 100 yards.

Once posted, animal lovers became infuriated at how the animal was being mistreated. Within 24 hours, the video had been viewed over 40,000 times. In turn, the Grand County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado was notified by thousands of concerned viewers of the video, the Daily Mail reported.

Since the video went viral, the two have been arrested and the horse has been seized for its own safety. With her name in every news article, Amber claimed she was fired from her job because of their actions.

“You make one bad decision sometimes and it can destroy your life,” she told CBS4. “I’ve lost my job over this, I’ve upset a lot of people. I made our horse go through something that he shouldn’t have. I was wrong.”

Sheriff Brett Schroetlin has asked the public to be patient while they build a case. “Cases involving kids and animals are obviously very emotional. We need to do our part of the investigation which sometimes takes a little bit longer than what the community is hoping,” he said.

One thing is for sure when an animal is hurt: People will notice and work to bring the abusers to justice.