Hurricane Irma is So Powerful, It is Literally Sucking Water Away from Shorelines [VIDEO]

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As Hurricane Irma makes landfall, people who chose to stay in the affected areas and ride out the storm are seeing firsthand what the biggest storm ever seen in the Atlanta is capable of. Twitter user @Kaydi_K posted a video that eerily resembles something that you might see in an end-of-the-world movie.

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“I am in disbelief right now…” she wrote. “This is Long Island, Bahamas and the ocean water is missing!!!” The weather phenomena, better known as Hurricane Irma, swept all the ocean water away, leaving nothing more than a boardwalk on the sand.

The Washington Post states that the reason for the disappearing water is due to Irma’s strength and extreme low pressure.  The water is literally being swept back out to the deeper parts of the sea.

In layman’s terms, the storm’s wind was so powerful as it came through that it pushed the water away from the coastline. Meteorologists say this doesn’t appear to be a sign of an incoming tsunami; but instead, they believe that the water will gradually come back in over the next day or two.

This phenomenon comes days after Irma, a category 5 hurricane, utterly destroyed several small islands in its wake as it approaches the states. The island of Saint Martin, which was one of the first islands hit, reports upwards to 90 percent destruction.

USA Today reported that eight people lost their lives and over 20 people were injured. Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean, two cruise liners, diverted their course to offer supplies and assistance to those affected in the French Caribbean island territory.

Since early this week, Floridians have begun evacuating into states further north such as Georgia and the Carolinas. Irma has made several small course changes as she approaches, but, as of Saturday, the storm is expected to run up the middle of Florida, weakening as she goes and eventually dying out over the Carolinas.

Even now, the storm is thought to be shifting more towards the western portion of Florida. CBS Miami is already reporting power outages in the area before Irma even makes landfall. More outages and flooding are sure to follow.