Huge, Pissed Off Shark Trapped Gets Trapped on Deck as Crew Desperately Tries to Free It [VIDEO]

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A video was posted showing a large Mako shark trying to free itself after jumping on board a fishing boat and becoming trapped against the railing. The footage was shot off the coast of Long Island, New York, as fisherman watch the huge shark try to wriggle its way free, getting more agitated as time goes on.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the shark became stuck on the boat after it jumped on board. The railing prevented the large creature from being able to slide off the edge, and the shark began thrashing as it attempted to free itself.

The Mako even bites the railing as it writhes around on the deck, bloodying its mouth in the process.

The fishermen tried to intervene after the shark became trapped. A member of the crew came up with an idea, leading Captain Don Law of Outlaw Fishing Charters to tie a rope around the fin of the shark while another crew member kept the Mako’s head under control by hooking it with some fishing line.

Joking during the incident, Law even said, “We’re going to need a bigger boat!”

Once the shark is caught, the fishermen were able to get it dislodged from the railing. They lowered it back into the water, and Law cut his rope to release the Mako.

A Mako shark can measure around 10 feet in length and weigh between 132 and 298 pounds.