How Not to Rob a Store: Burglar Accidentally Knocks His Accomplice Out Hurling a Brick at a Window

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Life has a way of teaching some hard lessons. One would-be robber may be rethinking his chosen vocation after a recent robbery went awry. He and his partner took bricks to smash in the windows of the building. What might have seemed like a good idea at the time ended badly.

The antics of the two in the video have many in stitches, though getting hit in the head with a brick is no joke.

The attempted robbery took place in Shanghai, China. One of the men hurled a brick at the glass. It wasn’t enough to get them in, so his partner wound up to throw his brick.

Unfortunately, the two hadn’t choreographed their movements. The one hurling the brick threw it right into his partner’s head. The brick struck the man in the temple. He then hit the ground, completely unconscious.

The footage, posted to Weibo by the Shanghai Police department, has since gone viral. “If thieves are at this level, the police will not have to work overtime,” they captioned read.

The man’s fate is still in question. The two have not been caught. A blow of that nature to the temple can be deadly. The one who threw the brick picked up his comrade and drug him out of frame. What happened then is unknown.

And this isn’t the first time a brick has caused problems. The video below shows what happens when a car window beats a brick.