How Did Rachel Maddow Improve Her Ratings? She Simply Stopped Covering Trump’s Tweets

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One big problem for the media recently has been how to cover the President and his constant need to vent. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, host of the appropriately named The Rachel Maddow Show, has found the perfect way and her ratings have soared — She doesn’t mention President Trump’s tweets at all.

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Maddow made the decision to report only what the Trump administration do, as opposed to what they say. “We developed sort of an informal, internal mantra … which is that we basically cover [the Trump administration] as if they are a silent movie,” Maddow said to TheWrap at the beginning of March.

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Maddow viewership plummeted directly following Trump’s election, most likely as a result of her more left-wing viewers doing whatever they could to shelter themselves from the news. Maddow had to make a decision and it appears she made the correct one; For editorial reasons, The Rachel Maddow Show would no longer cover the president’s Twitter outbursts and since then her career has never looked brighter.

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“I really feel like it was helpful to me, in terms of trying to come up with what to talk about every day, and serving up information for our audience that is substantive and not manipulated by people at the White House,” she was quoted as saying in her interview with TheWrap. “It was helpful for us to just stop paying attention to what they were saying.”

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Since her executive decision, things have changed drastically for Rachel Maddow and her program. According to The New York Times, more people watched The Rachel Maddow Show in February this year than at any other point in the nine-year history of the show. In fact, her program rated better for MSNBC than any other show in the 9pm ET slot last month, pulling 2.3 million viewers per episode, up from 1.8 million in January and doubling her viewers for the same time last year.

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“I pray for the day when the most important thing about the Trump administration is that the president said something inappropriate on Twitter,” Maddow told the AP recently. “[But] there are bigger and more valuable stories to be chasing than that.” And it looks like that approach is paying off for Maddow and her show, big time.

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h/t Huffington Post