House Sitter Tries to Kill Spider With a Blowtorch. It Worked a Little Too Well. [VIDEO]

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Spiders have a way of making some people’s skin crawl. They are harmless, mostly, yet some that suffer from arachnophobia will go to extreme lengths to get rid of them. While killing spiders with fire is an effective method of eradication, it does create some potentially hazardous conditions, as this story illustrates.

A fire broke out in a suburban Fresno home,Tuesday night. The homeowners were not home, but their son was home house-sitting for them.

The man, according to the firefighters who responded to the two-alarm blaze, set the house on fire when he tried to kill some spiders with a blow torch.

The spiders were supposedly black widows. As such, eradication was in order. Yet the blowtorch may have been overkill.

Twenty-nine firefighters responded to the fire.The man was not injured. Though he wasn’t able to extinguish the fire, he managed to escape the blaze. The fire may well have taken care of the spider problem, but it is certain to have created other problems, too.

This isn’t the first time that the burn-the-spider approach has gone awry. In 2017, a Seattle man lit spray paint on fire as he tried to kill a spider in the laundry room of his home.

That fire caused an estimated $60,000 worth of damage.

“I don’t want to encourage people to do this, but that’s what he did,” a spokesperson for the Seattle Fire Department said. “The spider tried to get into the wall. He sprayed flames on the wall, lit the wall on fire, and that extended up to the ceiling.”

“There are safer, more effective ways to kill a spider than using fire.”

There are clearly safer ways to kill arachnids. More effective? That’s open for debate. Dead is dead, and the fire certainly made a statement.