House Republicans Cancel Obamacare Repeal for Second Straight Day [VIDEO]

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It’s official. Yesterday we reported that the American Health Care Act vote that was supposed to take place was being postponed to today, apparently because Republicans lacked enough votes to pass the plan. Well, it was just announced by Speaker of The House Paul Ryan that they’re canceling the bill altogether. But how did this happen and who’s to blame?


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According to a key Republican committee chairman who helped craft the bill, Greg Walden told reporters that the bill was “Dead. DOA.”


Trump and Ryan tried their best to get enough votes but it just wasn’t happening. There has been a reported divide on the bill within the GOP since its inception. Conservative Republicans argued that the bill still contained too many ObamaCare conditions while others worried the new bill would leave millions of their constituents without health care.


In the end, Trump and Ryan couldn’t please both sides. It was reported yesterday that they were “30 to 40” votes away from getting the 216 votes they needed.

But now, new reports indicate that it wasn’t even close. This dealt a serious blow to Trump’s presidency and Republicans as a whole.


For years, Republicans clamored at the opportunity to repeal ObamaCare, a plan that they deemed “a mess.” Fortunately, we’re only two months into Trump’s presidency, so there is plenty of time to create a new bill that should be able to please both sides.

But the time it will take to create another bill and go through this entire ordeal again will hinder work on new revisions like tax reform and the building of the wall along our border.


This failed bill highlights the division within the Republican party. The blame game has already started and will surely continue to divide the party even further. Trump blamed the Democrats for not supporting the bill, but it was well known before the bill was announced that Democrats would not support it.


It’s unclear if Ryan will be taking the blunt of the blame from Trump after he failed to secure the votes needed. It was Ryan’s bill after all. It seemed Trump’s mind was on other pressing topics and that may have played a part in the cancellation. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.