House of Horrors – 12 People Found Chained Up in California Home

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This story is still developing and more details are sure to follow, but the explosive accusations are gripping. A couple has been arrested after authorities found 13 children chained to beds inside the family’s suburban home. The children, ranging from age two to 29, were found when one of the siblings escaped and notified the police.

The siblings were being held captive in a home in Perris, California. When the 17-year-old escaped and alerted authorities, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department began investigating.

The two parents were arrested. David Allen Turpin, 57, and Louise Anna Turpin, 49, were charged with torture and child endangerment.

“The teenager, who was so emaciated police thought she was just 10 years old, told cops her 12 siblings were being held inside the home on the 100 Block of Muir Woods Road,” The Daily Mail wrote.

The officers investigating found the children and adults “chained and padlocked” to beds.

All of them were dirty and malnourished. The situation was so dire that the police originally assumed that the 17-year-old who escaped was just 10. All have since been hospitalized.

Parents David Allen Turpin, 57, and Louise Anna Turpin will appear in court on Thursday. Bail for the couple has been set at $9million.

It is unclear at this point if all of the children belong to this couple. The pair wed late, and some of the victims are actually seen posing in the wedding pictures.

“Other pictures show the family smiling on a trip to Disneyland,” DM writes, “while another shows them wearing Dr Seuss-style shirts, with each child’s top emblazoned with ‘Thing 1’ to ‘Thing 13’.”

How does the family go from matching outfits in wedding photos and trips to Disneyland, to the horror depicted in the police reports? As the information becomes available, we’ll update the story.