Horrifying Video Shows Man Take Advantage of Intoxicated Unconscious Woman as Passersby Do Nothing

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A disgusting video made its way onto YouTube that shows an unidentified man positioning himself on top of a drunken woman who is lying on the ground and appears to be unconscious. User Chris Haddow captured the footage where the unidentified man kisses and straddles the woman who seems to have a bottle of alcohol beside her.

[Scroll down for video]

It isn’t clear what transpired before the video starts, but, throughout the footage, the woman on the ground doesn’t appear to move.

The incident took place on the Las Vegas Strip, according to a report by the Daily Mail, at what appears to be an intersection. Numerous people pass by the man and woman. Some seem to simply stare while others laugh.

One woman does approach and seems to ask the woman on the ground, “Are you okay?” before walking away.

Several people can also be seen filming the incident with their smartphones.

A second woman also stops to ask, “Are you okay?” and the man in the red shirt appears to provide a response, but it cannot be heard in the video. That woman also walks away.

Later, the man decides to straddle the woman, chuckling as he sees a group of men who start cheering him on.

The video ends with the man still on top of the woman, appearing to kiss her face. It isn’t clear how long things continued after the video ends or if anyone else intervened.