Homeowners Association Tries to Ban Sick 6-Year-Old Girl’s Playhouse Over ‘No-Shed’ Policy [VIDEO]

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Neighborhood homeowners’ associations can often put up some arbitrary rules. Many assume that owning their own property would allow them to do as they please, but that’s not the case. Sometimes, as in the story below, the arbitrary rules seem to target those with the least to say in the matter.

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A little girl’s playhouse is causing in uproar in a Missouri neighborhood. Emma Goolsby lives in Blue Springs. The six-year-old has an autoimmune disorder. Her playhouse in her backyard is more than a distraction, it is where she goes to take her breathing treatments.

Yet the playhouse is a violation of the The Rockhill Home Owners Association’s ban on sheds.


“Our HOA bylaws say you can’t have a metal shed, but it doesn’t say anything about a playhouse,” Emma’s grandmother Bobbie Goolsby told KSHB. “It’s sad they’re picking on a child’s playhouse.”

The family claim they asked about the rule on playhouses before they moved in, and were told that there would be no problem.

Yet the homeowner’s association sent an email asking for the playhouse to be removed. Play-sets are allowed, but not stand-alone buildings like this. “We would prefer not to take legal action, but will move forward if not resolved,” the email raid.

After the story began to get some media attention, The Rockhill Home Owners Association released a statement:

“We have kindly requested them to remove this unapproved structure numerous times to no avail. We know both the Goolsby’s and their Real Estate Agent had copies of these rules prior to purchasing this home and have simply ignored them. At a recent HOA annual meeting the Board opened the floor to the Goolsby’s to appeal their case and the HOA decided to hold firm in its original decision.”

While the playhouse may be a violation, The Rockhill Home Owners Association may have underestimated just how persuasive a charismatic child can be. And they’ve yet to provide a justification for their decision, apart from the official ruling on sheds. None of the neighbors are willing to say that they are bothered, and most are openly in support of the playhouse remaining.