Homeowner Uses AR-15 to Kill 2 Home Invaders, Capture 2 Others

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A home invasion ended in a blaze of gunfire after four men rushed inside a rural mobile home Wednesday night, leaving two dead and two arrested. The 61-year-old homeowner, who used an AR-15 to defend his home, was also injured in the shootout after he took a bullet to the gut. Luckily, he is in stable condition.

Officers in Marion County, Florida, responded to a call of shots fired at a rural mobile home Wednesday night at 8:21 pm. Officers located two dead suspects, Nigel Doyle, 22, and Keith Jackson Jr., 21, inside the home. Both were wearing “Jason” mask over their faces.

Jackson was found on the kitchen table with bullets riddling his body, while Doyle was found in a nearby hallway with a shotgun next to him. Both men were pronounced dead at the scene, according to the police report.

Officers continued to search the home and found the elderly homeowner, whose name was not released, in his bedroom bleeding from a gunshot wound to the stomach, reported.

Marion County police officers used two K-9s to canvas the nearby area and found Robert John Hamilton, 19, and Seth Adam Rodriguez, 22, sweating and hiding in tall grass down the street from the house.

Rodriguez claimed he and the three other men were hanging out when they decided to rob the home for marijuana and money. It’s unclear why they chose that particular home, but the homeowner explained to police that one of the men was someone he recognized from a previous craigslist transaction.

The man told the homeowner he was having car troubles, but the homeowner was handicap and explained he was unable to help. After he went to bed that night, the four suspects kicked the door in. Startled by the noise, the homeowner grabbed his AR-15 by his bedside and opened his bedroom door to see a masked man in his kitchen.

He shot the two men in the front room, while the other two fled in fear. Hamilton denied being involved in the home invasion and claimed he was simply on a walk. Hamilton and Doyle have arrest records and have previously spent time in prison on various charges.

The homeowner has been cleared of any wrongdoing.