Homeowner Shoots and Kills 3 Masked Teenagers When They Attempted Armed Robbery [VIDEO]

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Three teenage boys attempted to rob a homeowner and two others who were standing in the front yard of a home on Monday morning. The teens, who all had masks over their faces, fired a shot in an effort to threaten the homeowner. The homeowner was not deterred and brandished a firearm of his own, killing the three teen would-be robbers.

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The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call in Conyers, a city about 25 miles outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Sheriff Eric Levett stated when they arrived on the scene, one of the shot teens was found dead “a little bit down the street, where it appears he was running,” according to a press release.

The other two teens were found nearby and taken to a hospital where they were also pronounced dead, Fox News reported. The teens were ages 15, 16 and 16.

The homeowner and two other people in the front yard with him explained to officers that the teens had masks on their faces and had attempted to rob them. When they would not hand over their valuables, one of the teens “brandished a gun and fired shots.”

The homeowner then proceeded to return fire, striking all three teens. One neighbor, Carlos Watson, was interviewed and stated he was awoken by the “sounds of gunfire.”

“I heard somebody yell for help … then I heard it again, and that’s when I came outside,” Watson told AJC. “There was one gentleman laid out and our neighbor Mr. Jenkins was helping him out.”

Watson surmised the incident was “a home invasion that went bad for the invaders.” According to him, it’s a quiet area with no random crime such as the one that took place Monday.

Rockdale sheriff’s office spokesman Deputy Lee Thomas issued an update on the case. “Investigators have been actively interviewing the three individuals from the residence and other neighbors with information throughout the day,” Thomas said. “No charges have been filed against anyone at this time.”

Officers recovered two firearms at the scene. Early preliminary reports indicate this could very well be a “stand-your-ground” type of case.