Homeowner Finds Would-Be Thief Crushed Under 900 LB Antique Safe

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Greed can make a man do some crazy things. It has gotten plenty of men arrested, ruined families and has even caused their deaths. The latter was on full display when a homeowner found his garage door damaged and went to investigate. What he found inside could have been an episode straight from the TV show “American’s Dumbest Criminals.”

When Indiana homeowner George Hollingsworth noticed his garage door had been damaged, he realized someone had tried to break in. There had been a string of thefts in the area, so on March 12th, Hollingsworth called the local police to report the incident.

Police took his statement and sent him on his way. He was encouraged to check inside and report if anything of value was missing. On March 13th, Hollingsworth began cleaning out his garage to see if anything was out of place or missing.

As he was cleaning the garage, Hollingsworth found his father’s 900-pound antique safe had fallen over. Under it was a disfigured, crushed body.

“My mind couldn’t comprehend it. This can’t be real. It’s like some strange tale,” he told Fox 59. “I came in and told my wife, ‘I think we’ve got a dead body out there.’ She thought I was kidding.'”

He and his wife then called the police again to inform them of the body they had discovered. According to the Daily Mail, law enforcement entered the garage at 8:20 p.m. apparently thinking the trapped man was still alive.

“The officer walked in and said, ‘Buddy. Hey buddy,'” Hollingsworth explained. “I’m was thinking he’s dead. Come on now.” Police later identified the man as 28-year-old Jeremiah A. Disney, a father of one who had a lengthy criminal past including domestic battery, criminal confinement, and interference with a police reporting, according to

If it’s possible to make things worse for the would-be robber, Hollingworth claimed the safe was empty. “I don’t know. I don’t understand why they would do that. There’s nothing in it. It’s empty. It’s just one my dad had.”

Still, he wishes the man hadn’t die the way he did. “I would have rather seen him steal stuff and get out than die like that. What a horrible way to die.”