Homemade ISIS Tank Encounters Real Tank and Missiles on Battlefield [VIDEO]

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Stunning footage shows a group of ISIS fighters as they desperately flee the field of battle when they become all too aware of the fact that they are losing. The terrorists attempt to escape in a homemade tank but are notably outgunned. Local forces flank the tank on both sides, effectively trapping the panicked ISIS combatants, before firing a missile.

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The footage shows the ISIS fighters becoming increasingly scared after the observe their comrades being shot by Syrian Army and Hezbollah soldiers during the encounter. As a means of potential escape, they try to drive a makeshift tank out of the area.

In the video, you can hear orders being shouted over a two-way radio while the approximately half dozen remaining ISIS fighters fire seemingly haphazardly in multiple directions.

The ISIS combatant can be heard requesting reinforcements. While other fighters try to pinpoint where the incoming rounds are coming from, the group’s leader can be heard shouting at the driver of the homemade vehicle to watch out for a real tank, being fully aware that a direct hit was likely incoming otherwise.

Voices on the video can be heard shouting, “Left, left,” and “The tank is on the right,” in an effort to avoid the massive military vehicle.

The soldier predominately shown in the video can be seen looking around frantically, potentially seeking an escape route.

Ultimately, the ISIS fighters efforts were futile, as the tank fired a missile at their vehicle, killing everyone inside.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the footage was believed to have been recorded in September. It was found on a GoPro, which ISIS uses to create videos for their recruitment efforts, hoping to entice would-be jihadists with the excitement of combat.