Homeless Man Arrested by Police With $750K on Him

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Living life on the streets can be difficult. You are looked down upon and you have to suck up your pride to ask others for help. Normally, the homeless population lives day to day asking for enough money to at least buy food. Sometimes though, beggars can strong arm good citizens into giving them all their money.

A Swedish beggar has made headlines for all the wrong reasons. The unnamed 55-year-old man was arrested outside a train station after he was harassing bypassers to give him money.

Some of the witnesses claimed he was very aggressive with them, and many of them cited they felt they had to give him money so he wouldn’t hurt them. When law enforcement arrested him, a struggle ensued and a large sum of money fell out of his pockets.

It took law enforcement an entire day to count all of the money the alleged homeless man had on himself at the time. To the surprise of everyone in the small Swedish town, the homeless man had $750,000.

According to the Daily Mail, the man had 6,000 bank notes that were the equivalent of six million dollars in krona, Sweden’s currency. Police have now launched an investigation as to how this man who was living on the streets came into contact with the large sum of money.

The homeless man got irate when his money was taken from him by police. Police are now looking into if the man got the money through illegal activities or possibly won the lottery.

Police chief Jale Poljarevius was in awe of how much money the beggar had on his person. “I have never heard of so much money in a situation like this. There were just more and more bundles,” Polijarevius said. “Anyone who walks around with six million in cash will be a suspect of crime.”

He claimed he was trying to buy a train ticket back to his hometown located west of his current location.

One question must be asked, if he won the lottery why wouldn’t he simply buy a ticket already? Better yet, why didn’t he just buy himself a train to take him anywhere he wanted.