Home Video Shows Mail Carrier Pepper Spraying Family Poodle Almost Every Day [VIDEO]

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One homeowner was outraged after he reviewed surveillance videos to discover that a mail carrier was dowsing his dog with pepper spray even though, according to the owner, the dog never appeared to act in a threatening manner. Pupa, a 7-year-old poodle mix, is part of Alfonso Galindo’s family, making the clip particularly heartbreaking.

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Galindo is a homeowner in San Diego, California. A video that was recorded last Tuesday, according to a report by KMOV4, showed a mail carrier approaching Galindo’s mailbox at approximately 11:00 am local time.

After the mail carrier showed up, a second camera angle shows Pupa convulsing by the home’s gate, which is near the Galindo’s mailbox, for several minutes.

“It’s heartbreaking,” said Galindo. “I’m at a loss for words.”

Galindo reviewed nearly a month’s worth of footage and found nine separate incidents where his dog was left convulsing after the mail carrier walks by his home’s gate. He also spotted strange stains on his patio close to where his dog may have been sprayed.

Galindo filed a police report and also contacted the Postal Service to make a formal complaint.

“You would think the Postal Service is somebody you can trust,” said Galindo.

The Postal Service released a statement through a spokesperson where the agency apologized over the incident.

“On behalf of the United States Postal Service, we want to apologize to the Galindo family and Pupa. We do not condone our employees behaving in a manner which is not professional and courteous. The appropriate personnel and corrective action will be taken as well as training given to all local letter carriers.”

While the issue appeared isolated initially, other homeowners have since come forward, stating that their dogs may also have been sprayed by a mail carrier.

The owner of Roscoe, a 9-year-old dog, said that his dog had symptoms similar to Pupa after their postal carrier came by his home a few months ago. He also claims another neighbor spoke with him about a similar occurrence, and both of their homes are just a few blocks from Galindo’s house.