Video Shows Home Invaders Forcing Owner to Open Safe. They Don’t Realize It’s Full of Guns

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Police in Brentwood, California are looking for a getaway driver who left his accomplices dead in the street after a botched home invasion Wednesday night. The two deceased thieves tried to convince their victim to unlock his gun safe. The man did open the safe. It was at this point that the victim took control of his destiny.

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The video below was captured on a neighbor’s surveillance system. Shortly after the safe opens, flashes of light white out the screen. Those are gun shots. Inside the gun safe, the homeowner had a gun. It was loaded. He pulled it, and quickly shot both of the armed intruders.

The men are clearly seen on the video, though it is harder to identify them in these stills.

They can be seen in the garage, too, shortly before the shooting starts.

The two men died on the scene. The Brentwood police believe there are two more men, the ones in the getaway car, who might know something about the crime. The two they left behind haven’t provided many details.

One of the assailants had a gun, and fired at the homeowner, but he missed. The homeowner’s actions were clearly self-defense. Even by California’s standards, he had the right to shoot at the assailants who were shooting at him. “The victim did fire his weapon in self-defense. And there have been no formal charges filed at this point,” Brentwood Police Dept. Lt. Walter O’Grodnick said.

A neighbor, Reggie Nichols, talked with KTVU News. He said the unidentified homeowner “told him that four suspects tried to break into his house”  When they tried to steal the contents of the safe, the homeowner “came out blasting.”

“I could see the guy lying in the street, so then I came back and got my flashlight and got my phone, ran over there. He was still alive but he wasn’t doing good,” Nichols said.

“They made him open the safe. After he opened the safe, I guess they weren’t ready for him,” he said.

They were clearly not ready for him. He kept at least one of the guns in his safe loaded. And he also kept his head, it seems.