H&K Takes a Shot at US Marine Corps Over Rifle Shipment – All in Good Fun

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Heckler and Koch is one of the largest firearm manufacturers in the world and has numerous contracts to deliver their various rifles and handguns to law enforcement agencies and military organizations all over the world. Some of the most iconic military firearms in world history have been made by Heckler and Koch.

In 2018, the gun maker won a contract to provide the United States Marine Corps with its new M27 rifle. The rifle shares many common components with the branch’s current M-4 and M-16 rifle platforms, but made improvements that many leaders in the Corps were looking for. According to an April 2018 article:

Heckler & Koch Defense, the domestic subsidiary of German gun maker HK last week secured a large contract for M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle systems for the U.S. Marine Corps.

The M27, a select-fire variant of the HK416 5.56mm gas piston rifle, has been used in small quantities by the Marines for the past decade to replace some M249 Squad Automatic Weapons. The new contract, announced by Marine Corps Systems Command on Friday, allows for $29.4 million for a maximum 15,000 M27 systems and spare parts to be delivered by 2023.

The contract specifies that the lion’s share of the work on the platforms will be completed in Oberndorf, Germany with about 30 percent split between U.S.-based facilities in Columbus, Georgia and Ashburn, Virginia. HK earlier this year announced the Georgia expansion to include a new 50,000 square-foot manufacturing plant.

Those rifles have begun leaving HK’s Georgia based facility and the company’s social media team took the opportunity for a little fun, posting the following:

The post instantly started going viral among the company’s 600,000+ followers and quickly amassed tens of thousands of Likes, Shares and Comments. Some of those comments were pretty funny in and of themselves and prompted even more gentle ribbing from HK’s social media team.