YouTube Star Held at Gunpoint While Streaming Live to 900k Fans [VIDEO]

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A shocking moment was captured during a video broadcast on social media, showing Adam Grandmaison, who goes by Adam22, being held up at gunpoint while he was filming a live stream. Grandmaison was recording a piece for No Jumper, his hip hop podcast, when an intruder snuck into the room and shoved a gun in his face.

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The live stream featuring the armed intruder was broadcasted to Grandmaison’s 900,000 subscribers. According to a report by the Daily Mail, the YouTuber was about to eat his lunch on Sunday when a gun suddenly comes into view, pointed directly at Grandmaison’s head.

The gunman begins by demanding money from the YouTube star, asking, “Do you want to die right now?”

A horrified expression crosses Grandmaison’s face. Then, he begins struggling with the intruder.

About 14 seconds after the gunman appears, security intervenes, knocking the intruder to the ground.

Grandmaison hops back in front of the camera, saying “We’re going to have to come back soon.”

“Holy s***,” he adds.

As Grandmaison is speaking to his viewers, someone who is standing behind the camera is heard talking to the intruder.

“Don’t you f***ing pull up on us with a gun you little b****,” says the unidentified person. “What the f*** is wrong with you?”

A video that made its way onto Instagram shows the gunman lying down on the ground. He seems to only barely be conscious, though does flash a peace sign right before someone lands a kick on him.

The Los Angeles Police Department was contacted after the incident and arrested the intruder on an attempted robbery with a firearm charge.

Police have not released the suspect’s name and have not confirmed if the gun was real.

Grandmaison later tweeted about the incident, writing: “One minute you’re tweeting jokes about f***ing cats and the next minute you got a gun to your head.”

He also asserts that the incident was not staged.