Hilarious Video Shows Construction Workers Fleeing for Their Lives from Friendly Pit Bull

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Video has emerged showing a group of grown, male construction workers quickly taking cover after a pit bull wandered into the restaurant where they were working. One of the men was holding a drill while talking on the phone, but he stops dead in his tracks when he sees the animal approaching from outside.

[Scroll down for video]

The video, captured by a security camera at a restaurant in Rodnia, Brazil, shows the man quickly run to the side of the room, obviously panicked, before the other men become aware of the approaching pit bull.

One of the construction workers begins pointing at the door, which isn’t visible in the footage, and the group practically trips over each other as they flee for safety, positioning themselves behind a tiled counter and on the other side of a side door.

The energetic pooch begins making its way through the store, taking a brief moment to sniff a side door.

But, when the pit bull begins working its way around the counter, the terrified workers decide their only option is to climb on top of the counter.

Once the men realize the pit bull is just being playful, clearly wagging its tail in the footage, they decide its safe to come down.

The dog, according to a report by the Daily Mail, had managed to escape from a nearby house and just “wanted to play with our team members, who weren’t having it at first.”