High Speed Chase Ends With Truck Going Airborne At More Than 115MPH [VIDEO]

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The proliferation of cellphone cameras has made for some entertaining eyewitness news videos. And this man was in exactly the right place to catch this epic flight of a Toyota Tacoma.

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The unexpected flight must have come as a surprise for the 18 year-old who had stolen the truck. It happened Tuesday in Webster Parish, Louisiana.

The high-speed chase with the police ended dramatically when the driver his a spike strip at 115mph. He then lost control and veered into a grassy ditch. The flight came suddenly at the end of the ditch, and the truck soared through the air and into the parking lot of a restaurant, where it landed on top of another car.

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The person who shot the footage is lucky to be alive. A slight deviation in the truck’s path could have ended in disaster.

The car that the truck crushed wasn’t empty, but the woman inside,¬†Barbara Harlon of Bossier City, managed to survive. She had seen the truck flying through the air and simply leaned over in the front seat as the truck crushed her car.

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This whole episode has some interesting twists and turns. The driver, Kevonte Dekorey Austin, was believed to have been a passenger in the Tacoma, originally. Austin had escaped from a work release program by stealing another vehicle.

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When the police pulled over the Tacoma, they questioned the man driving it, Durioki Deshone Hawkins. Meanwhile, Austin slid over into the driver’s seat and fled the scene, leading to the chase.

The man originally driving the Tacoma, Hawkins, is believed to have been assisting in Austin’s escape, has been taken into custody. So has Austin, who walked away form the flying Tacoma’s violent landing.

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Unfortunately for Austin, he’s facing a new list of charges. Austin is charged with attempted first-degree murder, aggravated flight, theft of a motor vehicle, aggravated criminal damage to property, attempted carjacking and reckless operation of a motor vehicle.