High School ‘Mean Girls’ Clique Sued for Making False Sexual Assault Allegations Against Classmate

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A group of five high school girls targeted a boy, making false accusations of sexual assault against him. Later, the clique admitted that their claims were false, stating that the went after the boy because they “just don’t like him.” Now, they are being sued by the boy’s parents for damages.

Along with suing the five girls, all students at Seneca Valley High School in Pennsylvania, the parents of the boy are also suing the school for damages, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

The boy, only referred to as “TF” in the lawsuit, was fired from his job at an area pool after the accusations were made. He also had to spend time in a juvenile detention facility and reportedly suffers from psychological trauma after being bullied by the girls.

TF is now home-schooled.

TF’s parents described the group as “mean girls,” stating the girls “conspired in person and via electronic communication devices to falsely accuse [their son] of sexual assault on two occasions.”

Additionally, the boy’s parents claim that their son was negatively impacted by “gender bias” after school officials “did not take any action against the females involved” after receiving reports that they were bullying him.

“TF was basically being tortured in school by the other students and investigators, but the administration was only focused on protecting the girls who were lying,” said Craig Fishman, the family’s attorney.

“Once the allegations were proven false, they really didn’t care one bit about TF, and there has been absolutely no repercussions against the girls.”

The boy’s family is seeking unspecified damages against the parents of the girls, the school district, as well as the Butler County District Attorney’s Office.

The lawsuit states that the first accusation occurred in July 2017. A teenage girl, referred to as KS in the filing, accused TF of sexually assaulting her at a local pool, where TF was working as a lifeguard.

A girl, a former student of Seneca Valley High, supported KS’s claims.

Later, TF was charged with one count of indecent assault and two counts of harassment in juvenile court. He pleaded not guilty and placed on probation with a requirement that he stay out of trouble for the next six months.

During a recorded interview with school officials, the lawsuit claims that KS stated that the reason she accused TF of sexual assault was that “I just don’t like him.”

“I just don’t like to hear him talk. I don’t like to look at him,” KS allegedly said.

In October, KS reportedly told classmates that she would “do anything to get TF expelled.” This led to additional bullying, including students placing tape on TF’s back with the word “Predator” written on it.

In March 2018, a girl, identified as CS, who was a friend of KS spoke with a school counselor and said a teenage boy walked into her house and sexually assaulted her, claims that were supported by two other girls, identified as ES and HR. TF was then charged with criminal trespass, indecent assault, and simple assault.

“On April 10, TF was removed from class at Seneca Valley High School and placed in leg and wrist shackles by the Jackson Township Police with the assistance of Juvenile Probation Officer Michael Trego,” said the lawsuit.

By May, three of the girls had admitted to lying about the incidents.

While the District Attorney’s Office ordered that the charges against TF be dropped in August, the lawsuit claims no action has been taken.

“The Butler County District Attorney’s office promised to file a petition to expunge the record of TF in September, but has not yet done so, providing further evidence of gender-based discrimination,” says the filing.

It also claims that the district attorney refused to file criminal charges against the five girls and alleges “gender-based discrimination.”